Personbild av Terhi Tikkala

Terhi Tikkala, Finland

Secretary General

Head of Secretariat, General affairs, Foreign, Security and EU Policy, the Nordic budget, electoral affairs

Personbild av Johan Fälldin

Johan Fälldin, Sweden

Political Expert

Culture and Education Policy, Science and Research, Freedom of movement (border obstacles) within the Nordic region, website editor

Personbild av Lena Höglund

Lena Höglund, Finland

Political Expert

Climate, Environment, Natural Resources, Consumer Policy

Personbild av Baard Salvesen

Baard Salvesen, Norway

Political Expert

Business and Industry Policy, Trade, Energy, Nordic Council Control Committee

Personbild av Hildur Helga Gisladottir

Hildur Helga Gisladottir, Iceland

Political Advisor

Welfare Policy, Equality, Integration, Human and Civil Rights