Published on 18.11.2019

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New Member Proposals for further procedures

The Swedish liberal Arman Teimouri suggests in his Member Proposal to change the Nordic Marital Convention so that same sex couples of mixed nordic origin can apply for a marriage license. This is not possible today.

Another Member Proposal by Axel Jonsson from the party Ã…lands Framtid recommends the Nordic governments to initiate negotiations for the inclusion of joint interpretations of contracts in Nordic Law. Now, the courts during contracts disputes rely on a very complex customary tradition. Joint interpretations saves an enormous number of legal fees and enables everyone to better understand the law.

The Swedish Green Rasmus Ling suggests in his Member Proposal a joint evaluation of the narcotics policies of the Nordic countries in aim to find a best practice for combating narcotic-related harm. The Member Proposal also asks for the establishing of a Nordic strategy to map and improve the cooperation against the smuggling of narcotics.

The three Member Proposals will be processed during the Committee meetings in the coming winter and spring.